... promoting German culture in the Peoria, Illinois area through song, sport, food, drink and fellowship!

2016 GACS Officers
Angie Blasek
1st Vice President
Lauren Blasek
2nd Vice President
Steve Dippel
Membership Secretary
Jeff Pulfer
Recording Secretary
Mary Dempster
Lyle Britt
Asst. Treasurer
Laurie Martin
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Central Society

Thank you for your interest in the German-American Central Society (GACS) in Peoria, Illinois.

The GACS is the main society for the three affiliate clubs which are Damenchor, Harmonie and Sportverein Peoria. Anyone interested in our purpose of further growing and teaching the German culture is welcomed by any of the three affiliates. When you join one of the affiliate clubs you automatically become a member of the GACS. For your convenience a membership application is included on our site. Click on the “Join Us” button at the top of this page.

You will find updated event dates for the four regular fests held at our own Hickory Grove Park, for our Oktoberfest which is held on the Peoria River Front, the affiliate meeting dates, Lindenhof dinners, and many other activities. There are also pictures from many of our events!

The GACS supports the Sister City relationship between Peoria and Friedrichshafen. A large group traveled to Germany in 2006 in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of this relationship.

As in the past, the GACS participates in the National Saengerfest held every three years. In 2004, the GACS had the privilege of hosting this National event. The event was held at the Peoria Civic Center. It is quite a sight and sound to hear over 1000 singers!

We also rent out the Lindenhof meeting hall (which accommodates nearly 200 people) or Hickory Grove Park (both have serviceable bars) for various events such as Italian Fest, weddings, and company dinners.

We hope you will join our wonderful Society! On behalf of the German American Central Society thanks for your support!

Angie Blasek, President

... Some history of our club ...

Author: Fred Johnigk, this excerpt originally published for the West Lake District Sangerfest in 1960 Interpreted by Paul Bishop, 23 February 2005

The Zentralverein was founded in 1928 of the members of all of the existing clubs with the purpose of gathering together in one group, all of Germanity in Peoria and to foster a social life among the various clubs whereby its officials accomplished outstanding things. First was the creation of a picnic grounds where thousands were able to lighten their hearts and enjoy joyous hours annually at the Volks and Schlachtfests. In a few years, at long last, the German Hall was christened at its Knoxville Avenue site.

For Peoria German-American Society information email - info@peoriagermans.net


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